Fade Away 

Fragile Creature - 2013, ink on paper, 6x8" image, soft ground, spit bite and drypoint

Wild Horses - 2011, ink on paper, 18x24" image, monotype

Boxed In - 2011, ink on paper, 18x24" image, monotype

Elephants at Sunset - 2012, ink on paper, 12x18" image, monotype

Small World - 2011, ink on paper, 2x3" image, etching and aquatint

I relate back to my Bachelor of Arts degree in Ecological Studies for the subject matter in the series Fade Away. Humans have changed the face of the planet in massively detrimental ways and the rest of the earth's species are along for the ride. Whether its selling slow lorises as pets on the black market, domesticating horses for labor or poaching elephant tusks there is no denying that humans affect the worlds of animals for their own gain.